August 6, 2014

Silent Alert

Silent Alert – home alerting devices for deaf, deaf-blind & hard of hearing people

If you’ve ever missed an important phone call or spent a morning by the window waiting for a delivery, you will understand the day-to-day difficulties and frustrations associated with hearing loss.

When it comes to more important sounds (smoke, burglar and car alarms or a baby monitor) this becomes a major concern.

The Silent Alert Paging System offers a choice of portable receivers to suit all of these needs.

  • Low cost
  • 100m to 1000m range in open air
  • Fire Safe compatible
  • Backlit LED display
  • Wireless licence exempt
  • 1 Year Warranty
The Pager is small to fit in a pocket or be worn on the belt

The Pager is small, lightweight and discreet enough to fit in a pocket or be worn on the belt. When a signal is received, the pager will vibrate and the relevant key will illuminate to alert the user.

The Pager is recharged each evening in its alarm clock or trickle charger with optional vibrating pillow pad.

Alarm Clock Charger with optional Pillow Pad
Vibrating Pager shown with Alarm Clock Charger and with optional Pillow Pad; PG3A-2204-EU, CH3A-2205-IN, VP3A-2211-IN.
The SignWave flash receiver uses a high intensity strobe light

The SignWave sound & flash receiver uses a high intensity strobe light and loud (90dB) alarm to alert users to an event.

The unit can be positioned anywhere in the home for convenience. At night, a vibrating pillow pad will wake the user.

The SignWave flash receiver with optional Pillow Pad
SignWave sound & flash receiver compatible with optional Pillow Pad; SW3A-2208-EU, VP3A-2211-IN.

With Silent Alert you won’t miss important events around the home such as

Telephone Calls

The mini telephone monitor TD4A-2227-UK simply plugs into an telephone socket and enables the user to be alerted of incoming calls to their phone, text-phone or mobile.

The mini telephone monitor simply plugs into a telephone socket

Doorbell Ringing

The mini monitor MM4A-2212-EU can be used as a wireless standalone bell push or as a bell push on an existing system.

The Mini Monitor

Nurse Calls

The person to person Key Fob KF3A-2219-EU can be used to page the user in another part of the home.

A shock detection option KF3A-2219-EU-GFOB is also available.

The person to person Key Fob

Baby Monitor

Universal Monitor UM3A-2212-EU provides the user with the ability to monitor a large variety of individual events.

When used as a baby alarm, trigger delays and a sensitivity control are used to find the optimum setting.

Universal Monitor used as a Baby Alarm

Burglar or Car Alarm

The Mini Monitor MM4A-2212-EU can also be wired into a burglar or car alarm to alert the user when an alarm is triggered.

Mini Monitor used as a burglar or car alarm

Smoke Alarm

A choice of Optical alarm UM3A-SMOKE-OPTO or Ionisation alarm UM3A-SMOKE-ION, with audible sounder gives essential fire warning in all domestic environments.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm CO4A-2230-EU is also available.

Smoke Alarm & Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Battery / Charge Status

If the low battery sequence alternates with another event key, that monitor has a low battery.

Battery / Charge Status
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