August 18, 2014

Silent Alert – Frequently Asked Questions

A selection of frequently asked questions about Silent Alert Personal Paging System:

What do I need to make up a system?

A system must include a Pager, Charger or SignWave and at least one Monitor. Night time cover can be provided by a vibrating Pillow Pad.

What is the operating range of the system?

In open air the system will operate at over 100 metres. This will be less within a building and will depend upon its structure. It is possible to extend the range of the system to 1000 metres at the flick of a switch.

Can any other system affect the SA3000 system?

No the SA3000 system operates on a specially allocated frequency for Social Alarms and uses a protocol unique to our product?

Is the system digital?

Yes it operates using digital UHF radio.

What type of batteries do the Monitors use and how long will they last?

The monitors use standard 9 volt PP3 batteries. We would recommend alkaline batteries, which should last around two years.

How long does the Pager / SignWave battery last on a full charge?

The battery will last 2-3 days, although they are designed to be charged each night.

How do I know when a Monitor battery is flat?

The Monitors send a low battery signal to the Pager / SignWave. The symbol that matches the setting on the Monitor flashes then alternates with a double flash of the battery symbol.

Can I use more than one Pager / SignWave on a system?

Yes you can use as many as you wish. Each Pager & SignWave will respond to a single Monitor.

If a neighbour has a system will it interfere with mine?

It is possible to change your system code if a neighbour has a system by using the code switches 1-4 on the Pager / SignWave and each Monitor. So long as these are set the same on all the components of your system and the code is different to your neighbour they will not interfere with each other. It is possible to produce 16 different system codes using the 4 coding switches.

What happens if my phone rings whilst the pager is letting me know someone has rung the doorbell?

The Pager / SignWave will initially indicate the Doorbell and will change to the Telephone.

How do I know if a building has a Fire Safe System and how do I log onto it?

A Fire Safe notice at the entrance of a building will confirm that the system is installed. Instructions on the notice will explain how to log on. You simply press the Fire Key on your Pager, it will vibrate and the Fire Key will flash three times. The Fire Key will flash once every 7 seconds whilst you are in the building. As you leave the building your Pager will automatically log off after a few minutes. Your Pager will vibrate and all keys will light six times. The Fire Key will stop flashing. Signwave Units will respond to Fire Safe Signals but have to be set up in order to do so. The SignWave is typically used in Hotels and other residential facilities and is not normally carried from building to building in the way a Pager would be.

Silent Alert – Frequently Asked Questions
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