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Care Call

What is the Silent Alert Care Call System?

Care Call is a discreet wireless alerting system for carers. It offers a rapid and preventative approach to the remote monitoring of dependents at home, in a neighbouring home, or in a care facility. It can allow a person to remain in the familiar surroundings of home for longer, whilst enhancing the carers' ability to prevent, or respond instantly, to emergencies. Thus, a carer can enjoy cost-effective peace of mind whilst providing better, faster cover.

How does it work?

A range of discreet wireless transmitters is available, consisting of an Emergency Key Fob Pendant (with fall alarm option), Chair Leaving Alarm, Magnetic Door Alarm, Under Carpet Pressure Pad and Movement Sensor.

Up to twelve areas (or individuals) can be monitored on one SignWave Portable Sound Flasher or Vibrating Pager, with the carer being able to easily identify which specific zone or person has triggered a sensor. In this way, response can be instant and accurate, improving the chances of preventative intervention.

The system has two range options: a 100 metre range for use in the home and garden or at the flick of a switch a longer range option of up to 1000 metres for use in a neighbouring home or large care facility.


A small Pager Unit can be worn on the belt or in a pocket. User selectable sound or vibration alert


A SignWave Portable Sounder Flasher with volume control can be placed within earshot of the Carer.
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