Pack 1


SA3000 pack 1 comprises a Pager, Trickle Charger, Pillow Pad and Ionisation Smoke Alarm. Ideal for providing basic smoke alarm cover to an individual at a great “all in” price. This system can be added to at any time from our SA3000 range of equipment.


The Silent Alert SA3000 Pack 1 includes

  • 1x Pager
  • 1x Trickle Charger
  • 1x Pillow Pad
  • 1x Ionisation Smoke Alarm
The Pager

The Pager PG3A-2204-EU

Lightweight & discreet, this fully portable vibrating pager unit with internal rechargeable battery is worn by the user on the belt, in a pocket or around the neck using the cord supplied.

Trickle Charger

Trickle Charger TR3A-2206-IN

Trickle charger for pagers units. Supplied with power supply. Compatible with vibrating pillow pad.

Vibrating Pillow Pad

Pillow Pad VP3A-2211-IN

Vibrating pillow pad unit for chargers. At night, place the pager into the charging dock and place the pillow pad under your pillow. If there is a fire, the pager will get the signal from the smoke alarm and vibrate the pillow pad, waking you up and alerting you to the danger.

Wireless Ionisation Smoke Alarm

Ionisation Smoke Alarm UM3A-SMOKE-ION

A single point smoke alarm with integral radio transmitter which is suitable for all situations where Deaf and Hard of hearing people require early warning of an outbreak of fire, whilst providing a powerful audible alarm for those with good hearing.


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